Wise Spending Matters


Hire Smarter: Don't Use Outside Contracts for Basic County Work

When county employees have the skills to do the work, we are wise to assign that work to our staff.  Wasteful contracts fail to benefit taxpayers.

Back Room or Sweetheart Deals Hurt the Taxpayer

Vendors in Lake County do not disclose whether or how much they have donated to county board campaigns.  This is a weakness in our ethics policies.

Friends and Family of County Leaders Preferred?

County Board members should disclose the names of all family members and past business partners who do business with Lake County. 

Building in Profits Wastes Our Money

Private contractors do not create efficiencies for the county budget.  We pay more to allow for their profits. They have no duty to the people of Lake County--just a duty to their own shareholders.  All of the efficiencies benefit the business owners.  We get the mediocre services and the bills.

Good Government Relies on Ethical Guidelines and Training


Recommendations for the Lake County Board

  •  Lake County contracts must allow for public scrutiny throughout the process. No-bid contracts must be transparent with relationships disclosed.

  • Holders of elective offices must disclose the names of family members who do business with Lake County.

  • All discretionary spending of public dollars by elected officials should be published.

  • All public meetings should be available on video for live-streaming and for on-demand viewing.

  • False statements by board members in public meetings should have consequences.

  • Misrepresentations in the official minutes of board meetings should result in consequences.

  • Budget rules should disallow sweeps that move tens of millions of dollars from departments that seek to replace those funds for the following year.

  • Whistleblower protections must include consequences for retaliatory action.

When Guided by Ethics, Leaders Broadcast Open Meetings

Opposition to Publicity of Public Meetings Must End

In August, the acting chair of the Lake County Board showed contempt for open meetings and for public scrutiny. It is worth a listen.