Pledge from Sitting Board Member to Include Gun Violence in Strategic Plan


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By  Russell Lissau

Strong stance taken by Susan Malter led to pledge by Ann Maine "to include gun violence in the county board's strategic plan discussions next year--and not just regarding mass shootings."  

Partisanship of Lake County Board 10/3/2018

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By  Russell Lissau  

Article compared perspectives on whether challenges to leadership were aimed at genuine issues of ethics and leadership versus political matters of partisan control.  

A push for ethics reforms in Lake County

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By Russell Lissau


"We must not only conduct government business with honor, honesty and respect for one another, but also use care to appear to conduct government business honorably," Malter said.

County Elected Office Issue  

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By Frank Abderholden 

The matter concerned whether the position of county assessor should be an elective office.  


Chicago Lawyers Help At U.S. Border

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By Alison Bowen 


Chicago attorneys are mobilizing to help immigrant children who have been separated from their families at the southern border.

Susan Malter. . . said that she responded to a call from Lawyers for Good Government, which created a program to help reunite children separated from their parents.

“I think it’s bringing out the best in lawyers. We have the tools to be able to help people,” she said. “The impression I get is that the people who’ve been there and seen what’s going on firsthand are horrified, and I think as many people as can go down there and be witnesses, the sooner this can end.”