Is an Internship Right for You?

Internships in this pilot program are intended to help transform your governmental or public policy aspirations into action plans.  This program demands initiative, independent thinking, research, and the ability to work with others; it offers experience, training and letters of recommendation.

Participants will complete capstone projects shaped according to their interests. Internships will begin with an interview to frame issues, set goals, and establish deadlines.  At that time, participants and interviewers will identify how guidance, evaluations, and feedback will be shared. A maximum of ten internship positions will be available for 2019. There will be weekly group projects that allow interns to assist in each other's work and that strengthen leadership skills. This aspect of the program is contingent on the timing and location of individual internships.

Academic Nexus:  Include a statement regarding how this experience may benefit you in your area of academic study as well as a suggestion of how knowledge from your academic education may inform your internship. Interns are expected to set learning objectives for themselves at the time of the interview.  Weekly self-review with respect to whether and how these objectives are being satisfied will be integral to the program.  For students seeking academic credit, arrangements must be made directly between you and your school. These are unpaid internships.