Farm Issues and Farmers' Markets


Independence and Farms

Farmers should not have to worry about eminent domain in addition to the concerns of managing the farm itself.  Property ownership should be inviolate outside of exigent circumstances.   No farm should be forcibly taken because developers plan to make more money than the current owner. 

Encourage Trade Over Aid

At a local level, setting policy on trade is not the task at hand.  Lake County, however, has working farms. People who live in Lake County face the issues that farmers across America are facing.  The Lake County Board should govern with a sensitivity to the changing needs of residents whose lives are in agribusiness. 

Healthy Food from Local Agribusinesses: Update Coming Soon



                June 1-Sept. 28

                Thurs. 3-7pm

                845 Main St.



                June 14-Oct. 18

                Thurs. 3-7pm

                Park Ave and Cook St.


Buffalo Grove

                June 17- Oct. 14

                Sun. 8am-12:30pm



                June 16-Oct. 13

                Sat. 7 am-12:30pm

                Deerfield Rd. and Robert York Ave.


Fox Lake


                Tues. 4-8pm

                17 E. School Ct. Fox Lake, IL



                May 30- Sept. 26

                Wed. 3-7 pm

                 Downtown Grayslake on Center St.




                Third Sun. 11am-3pm

                3559 Grand Ave.


Highland Park

                June 6- Oct. 31

                Wed. 7 am- 1pm

                Dean Ave.  (Jens Jensen Park)



                June 6-Aug. 29

                Wed. 4:30-9:30pm

                130 Highwood Ave. Highwood, IL 60040


Lake Barrington

                June 5- Sept. 25

                Tues. 3-7pm

                28214 W. Northwest Hwy Lake Barrington, IL 60010


Lake Bluff

                June 8- Oct. 12

                Fri 7 am- 12 pm

                Artesian Park


Lake Zurich

                June 1-Sept. 7

                Fri. 3-7pm

                Paulus Park



                June 21- Oct. 18

                Thurs. 7 am- 1 pm

                W Church St. and Cook Ave. (Cook Park)



                June 12- Oct. 16

                Tues. 3-7 pm

                Hi. 45 between Courtland St. and Crystal St.


Round Lake

                July 14-Sept. 15

                Sat. 9am-12pm

                Cedar Lake Rd. and Rollins Rd.




                Thurs. 4-7pm

                Main St


2nd Annual Lake County Farm Stroll Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018 11:00am-5:00pm


The Lake County Farm Stroll will be featuring many local agribusinesses. There is no end or start time to this event. The event is set up so you can come and go from any locations that interest you at your leisure. The Lake County Farm Bureau is partnered with the University of Illinois Extension and College of Lake County for this event. Watch for updates in upcoming issues of the Diversified Farmer. Here is a list of the participating locations:

College of Lake County Sustainable Farm

Fields & Fences Equestrian Center

Golden Oaks Farm

Grow Well Farms

Jameks Farm

Krueger's Vegetable Stand

Lake County Farm Bureau

Prairie Crossing Farm

SafeHouse Farm Alpacas

University of Illinois Extension