Misplaced in Lake County: $100,000,000 since 2010

Millions Missing From Approved Budget Year after Year

Lake County taxpayers should know what happens with the surplus cash when the Lake County Board finds itself with excess dollars at the end of the fiscal year in its various budgets.  

It does not stay where the approved budget placed it during the time of appropriations.  Where do our elected board members place it?

$100 million have been swept out of the budget since 2010.  

Spend Tax Dollars Effectively

Follow Best Practices

The chief judge of the Nineteenth Circuit made a request for a staff position according to nationwide best practices.  It would have led to major savings.   Our judiciary was disregarded.  Let's demand that our leaders spend our money wisely.  The Lake County Board should respect the judiciary and the taxpayers.

Ethical Reform Will Strengthen Us


Vendor Disclosures

Lake County leaders should policies that require disclosures by prospective vendors of contributions to and family relationships with Lake County officials.

Transparency through Recordings

Meetings should be streamed and available on video with links posted to the Lake County website.  The public should be able to know what is going on in Lake County without having to travel to Waukegan or wherever the meetings are held.