Missing in Lake County: Ethics and Money

Ethical Oversight Will Save County Money

We overspend and waste taxpayer dollars by agreeing to bad contracts that hurt Lake County residents but help businesses.  Let's stop being lazy about rules that allow outside businesses to take advantage of us.

Wasting Our Money

Ignoring Best Practices

The chief judge of the Nineteenth Circuit made a request for a staff position according to nationwide best practices.  It would have led to major savings.   Our judiciary was disregarded and our tax dollars have been wasted.

Ethical Reform Will Strengthen Us

Vendor Disclosures

Unlike DuPage County, Cook County, the State of Illinois, and the Federal Government, Lake County leaders have not implemented disclosures to show that friends and family and donors are not getting special treatment or contracts.  Why not?

"Show us."

At an interview today, my opponent stated that if we looked at donations we would not find anything wrong.  Well, that is the point.  We cannot look, because there is no requirement to disclose.  

Transparency? Stop hiding.

The repeated statements that the meetings are public miss the point. Meetings should be streamed and available on video.  The public should be able to know what is going on in Lake County without having to miss work or travel to Waukegan.

Stepping Stones

Today, a member of the Lake County Board criticized me publicly for my willingness to serve at the county level.  I have worked for the public good my entire life. Offering to provide ethical leadership where it is needed should be valued and applauded.  Shame on those who cast stones.