Rules Meetings Under Way!

New County Board Chair Sets Example

As of the March meeting of the Lake County Board Committee of the Whole ("COW"), three rules meetings had already been convened where board members addressed how to strengthen oversight.  Rules Chairman Paul Frank highlighted proposed changes at the March 8 Cow meeting.  

Revisions and improvements to the Ethics Ordinance and the Ethics Committee hearing process are a big project that is ongoing and separate from the Rules Committee work. 

Spend Tax Dollars Effectively

Follow Best Practices

"Sweeps" will no longer shift the way public dollars get spent from approved budgets to insider projects. 

Ethical Reform Will Strengthen Us


Vendor Disclosures

Lake County leaders now demand disclosures by prospective vendors of contributions to and family relationships with Lake County officials.

Transparency through Recordings

Meetings are streamed and available on video with links posted to the Lake County website.  The public is finally able to know what is going on in Lake County without having to travel to Waukegan or wherever the meetings are held.