Missing in Lake County: Ethics and Money

Replace the Administrators and Leaders Who Failed to Address the Corruption They Oversaw

Lake County needs meaningful ethical rules.  It is time to restore trust between voters and elected officials.

  • I will fight to bring relationships into the open. No more hidden deals with friends and family that involve no-bid contracts.  

  • Vendors who win contracts must disclose whether (and how much money) they have contributed political to campaigns of Lake County officials.

  • I will require all spending of taxpayer dollars to be published online.

  • All Committee Meetings Should Be Televised and Recorded.  (What are they hiding?)

On November 1, 2017, the Financial and Administrative Committee voted to limit recordings to audio for voters and taxpayers instead of continuing with video.  This and another egregious action can be seen in this last video of that committee.

  • Misrepresentations by elected Lake County Board Members should be corrected publicly in the forum where the misrepresentation occurred as soon as it is known. 

  • I support the demand for an independent and thorough investigation into the abuse of procurement cards.

Currently the County of Lake uses a procurement card process where Board Members are given a taxpayer-funded credit card to make purchases for County business.  Elected officials continue to demonstrate that they misunderstand how this taxpayer money is meant to be used. We must fix this immediately with a review of the role of Ethics Advisor, a review of the annual ethics training curriculum, and consequences for those in positions of responsibility who have abdicated their duties to the taxpayers and voters.

Wasting Our Money

Ignoring Best Practices

The chief judge of the Nineteenth Circuit made a request for a staff position according to nationwide best practices.  It would have led to major savings.   Our judiciary was disregarded and our tax dollars have been wasted.