Sustainability in Lake County

Water Quality Depends on Permeable Land

Undeveloped land naturally filters water. When we put in roads and pavement, we prevent that filtration. Development affects where storm-water goes.  We must protect wetlands and all permeable land for our habitat to be sustained. If we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the Lake County that we love, we must prioritize sustainability in all planning and development.

We Need East-West Infrastructure

We need our east-west roads improved and repaired.  The north-south traffic will be lessened by better cross-roads.  Vertical development on land already in use makes sense for the community and our habitat.

Our Habitat Needs Protection--not just inside the Forest Preserves

We live in a deciduous forest, and its protection matters to our physical and mental health. We need to decommission the Route 53/Tri-County corridor so that we can use that space to fit our times.  A bike path instead of an expressway with businesses and grading would serve Lake County and improve our community.

Route 53

The damage to our habitat by the proposed expressway will be irreparable. The costs beyond the billions of dollars that will be spent on the proposed extension of Route 53 have been under-explained.   The metric tons of pollution, the homes demolished, and the flooding are all by-products to anticipate.  Fuel taxes, property taxes, pollution, urban sprawl,  and traffic will increase.  Where does my opponent stand on Route 53 as another multi-million dollar study assesses the environmental impact?  

LCFP Must Take a Stand Against Foxconn

Foxconn threatens our ecosystem.  Plans for the Des Plaines River Watershed can cause major problems for Lake County residents and for the Lake County Forest Preserves.  LCFP should lead our community in a challenge to the EPA of Wisconsin and the United States as they weaken rules that will affect our habitat.

Alternatives to Single-Occupant Vehicles

Lake County needs to increase the use of alternatives to single-occupant vehicles.  Ride-sharing, bicycles, public transit, and foot traffic are options that people will seek with the encouragement of and facilitation by the Lake County government.

The preserved corridor of the Tri-County Access Project is well-situated for a sustainable project for transit without the pollution and cost. Why not build a bike path for commuting and develop businesses that connect with this better option? Lake County needs a better path to the future.